Patù (LE)

The SalentoEnjoy your holiday in one of the most fascinating places in the world.

The Salento is composed of all of the Lecce province , a part of the provinces of Brindisi and Taranto. The land which is sandstone is covered by low hills with Mediterranean low brush, the Salento “serre”. The agricultural land is cultivated with olives and vineyards as well as citrus and fruit orchards. The Salento peninsula is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Ionian Sea to the west.

Lu Salentu: lu sule, lu mare e lu ientu

The Salento: “sun, sea, and wind”

This sentence incorporates the beauty of this splendid land that is still little known about, that visitors are immediately fascinated by. Salento’s bright blinding sun gives the colors and fruits of the land an intensity that mingles strong perfumes and tastes that delight the pallet. The limpid and crystal clear sea, washes the coasts that differ in form from high plunging cliffs to the fine golden sand of the beaches. The wind is constant in the Salento making the hot mornings more bearable and the evenings tinged with a breath of coolness. But the Salento is not only nature ,its art ,history and culture too. The tourist is held in awe by Lecce’s Baroque beauty, the noble squares, the castles, and the churches that are scattered throughout the Salento territory.