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At the extreme south of the Salento peninsula where the land is covered by secular olive trees, where the Adriatic and Ionian Seas join together, a coastline of fine sand beaches and rocky coves take us to Santa Maria di Leuca. At a distance of 5 km. from Leuca, in the town of Patù, we find the Masseria Agrituristica San Nicola.

Our Single Rooms

Keeping the original structure intact we have renovated single room living areas of various sizes with a private bathroom with hot water produced by solar panels and a small corner cooking space.



This two room living area has been remodeled from a larger room. There is a small bathroom and a cooking corner next to the bedroom.



This one room living area was once a larger room that has been divided with the addition of a bathroom and cooking corner.



This one room living area was once the home of the main farmer family “massaro” who kept the goats, sheep and cows that were raised in the masseria.



This one room living area was once home of the farm’s workers who kept up the masseria’s land.



This one room living is a new construction built on the ruins of an old stone bread oven.



This is a one room living area of new construction built on the ruins of a store room.

Common Space

The common space is occupied by a children’s playground, a bowling court, a skating rink and reading area, as well as courtyards where one can spend the evenings in the company of the hosts or the occasional artists that come to perform.

Our Olive Orchards Take a look

The agricultural complex of De Salvo is situated in the territory of Patu near the sea. It is a relatively small farming complex that was once part of a vast property that already existed in 1500. The present owner, Francesco De Salvo decided to plant a hectare of new olive trees in 1985 with "Nociara" olives that were a new variety for our area.

Another hectare was planted with an autochthonous variety called "Oliarola" nel 1990. In 1995 a hundred new trees were planted in the replanting of a secular grove. Pestacides and antiparasite solutions are not used on the olive trees.

The olives are mecahanically picked, separated, and cold pressed in the traditional method. The oil produced in this way has a low acidity level and it is stored in steel tanks which conserve the properties, taste and aroma of the oil. The suppliers send all orders by express courier throughout all of Italy. The goods are sent to destination with delivery expenses and transport risks charged to the client. The transport expenses are calculated and included in all confermed order statements.

Professional Service

We try our best to have our guests feel at home so they can fully enjoy their visit. The magical atmosphere of the place, the strategic location, the kindness and help of the host Mrs. Maria Rita make our Masseria the best solution for a holiday in the Salento.